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Fostering a relationship between dog and owner is so important and in a society where we are overstimulated by countless smart items, our slave-to-the-screen culture can even impact the connection we have with our doggos.

We can however make technology work for us. Perhaps it’s time to consider integrating devices and gadget trends that can work for you and contribute to a well-balanced life; filtering through to your pets, who let’s be honest, are just like family.

Here are two of our top picks for the best products on the market to compliment your doggy lifestyle and fast track your way to a high-tech pet.




Image via FitBark

The FitBark and latest version Fitbark 2 are stylish activity monitors that sync with their own Mobile App, to help track your beloved pup’s activity and sleep patterns throughout the day.

To ensure your doggy is getting the necessary daily exercise and gain some valuable insight into their behavioural routines, the FitBark is perfect for both owners who hope to maintain their dog’s well-being and fitness, or follow vet recommended advice to reduce their buddy’s weight.

We love that you and your doggy can get out and active together, and this gadget is the perfect motivational tool to accompany your own wireless tracker bands.  

With a cute bone-shaped monitor that easily clips on to your dog’s collar, and an array of colours, doggy heath has never looked so modish and cool. You can check them out here.



Image via Furbo

We all know THAT doggy look when we work towards the front door. Sweet sullen eyes, head raised and slanted to the side, the ‘I love you please don’t leave me look’.

What if you could take some of the guilt out of leaving your pal at home? Enter the new Furbo Dog Camera.

Designed to allow pet owners to connect with their best buds remotely, you can now hear, see and even talk to your doggos with Furbo’s advanced recognition technology.

Their best feature, an interactive treat tossing system that allows you to feed and treat your pup from afar, you can also live stream them enjoying their favourite WAG Yoghurt drops - a Furbo friendly sized treat. You can check them out here.

So when on the hunt for the next tech trend to enhance and manage your day, remember there’s an opportunity to upscale the lives of your furry friends too.


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