We welcome you to our Puppy PowWow sessions, where we chat and share insights and doggy dreams with our WAG Insiders. Here at WAG, we are passionate dog lovers and resolute in sharing our experiences with our greater doggy family and community. We want to give you exclusive access to office happenings, employee favourites and WAG sneak peeks. Join us for some behind the scenes looks and candid conversations, as we share the ins and outs of what makes us tick - WAG humans, not our pups of course!



Having just returned from a spell in the US, resident WAG trend hunter and setter, Rikki Goldman, talks what’s in-vogue in the pup world. We have some fun and gain some insight into the New York state of mind.

Let’s try something different and start with a multiple-choice question…
Are you?
A. A dog person
B. A cat person
C. Both
D. Non-discriminate animal lover
E. Discriminate animal lover (Please elaborate)
F. None of the above (What are you doing here?)

A! I love ALL dogs! I’m a non-discriminate dog lover.

When did you first hear about WAG?
Jeremy, the founder of WAG, came over to my place with the first sample batch of WAG treats to test them on my dog Bernie. From Bernie’s reaction, I knew WAG would be a successful company!

How are you Involved with WAG?
I am head of social partnerships and collaborations at WAG, I seek out like-minded brands and create opportunities to work together.

What’s it like to work in the WAG office?
The work is challenging, innovative and sometimes sloppy from the office doggies :) 

As mentioned, you’ve recently spent some time abroad. What was it like living in New York?
New York is vibrant and exciting. I was very inspired by the city and have taken a lot of this inspiration back to my job here at WAG. 

What are some key insights you learnt living in NYC, that you feel are important for the dog industry space in Australia?
That freshly cooked meals are the way of the future for the dog industry. Also, watch this space as in 2018 we are launching our ready made fresh food delivery service.

Is there a doggy trend that you’re loving at the moment?
Dog personalised tags, we are about to launch a very exciting new product so keep in the loop.

How about one that you’re not loving so much?
Anything with preservatives! At WAG we believe in wholesome organic dog food. 

If you have a pup. How would you describe your relationship?
Loyal and unconditional.

In your opinion, why is WAG different from other dog treat companies?
We focus on local Australian ingredients, and we’re number one in giving the millennials what they want.

You seem to have your finger on the social media pulse, who are some of the best people or accounts to follow in the ‘dogasphere’?
@levimustshake. Levi’s the WAG boss dog, sorry I’m biased!

What’s your favourite treat?
Anything vegan. I have recently adopted a vegan diet myself, so she can have the leftover steaks I have in the freezer!

What’s your furfriend’s favourite treat?
WAG Deer Antlers

Do you have some words you live by? Can you share them with us?
Hard work really does pay off.

Thanks Rikki. Cheers and puppy dog ears!


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