Antler Testimonial 1

Skull Candy - The sharpest treat in the shed.

An eco-treat with a tasty twist, these are 100% doggo-and-earth-friendly.

Long-lasting Antlers are shed by deer and left in the wild – and we never let a naturally good thing go to waste.

Split Antlers are just right for lazy-bones-doggos who want the goods without the grunt work. They’re happy to cash the cheque rather than dig for gold, but even split, Antlers have a whole lotta health benefits.

Rich with the good stuff like calcium and phosphorous, they scrape away tartar build up by a massive 70%.

Easy to love and hard on the chew to fight dental disease and keep your dog’s smile selfie-ready.


100% Hard Deer Antler


95g - 140g

Antler sizes are classified through weight, not length and width.


All dogs, especially large dogs


New Zealand


Feeding Guidelines.

While your furry friend would probably love to eat the whole bag, WAG treats are not complete diets, rather a healthy snack in between meals. And even though steak is delicious, wouldn't you get bored eating it all the time? Dogs are the same so mix it up.

  • Supervision is key!
  • Make sure your Antler is large enough so there is no possibility they could choke on it
  • Check your Antler for any possible sharp edges. If there are any, you can wear them down by rubbing it against concrete or sandpaper
  • If the Antler becomes dirty, you can wash it in warm soapy water and then rinse it well
  • If you pup isn't interested straight away, you can soak it in some Beef or Chicken stock
  • Make sure your pup isn't bearing down to hard on it. If they are, it's best to take it away!
  • Once the Antler gets worn down to a small size, remember to take it away so there's no possibility of them choking on it




Crude Protein (Min.) 38.9%

Crude Fat (Min.) 1.2%

Crude Fibre (Max.) 1.8%

Moisture (Max.) 9.9%

Calcium 18.5%

Phosphorous 9.9%


How It's Made.

WAG Antler is hard Antler - not velvet Antler - that comes from New Zealand. Every year, long-lasting Antlers are shed by deer and left in the wild – and we never let a naturally good thing go to waste. Once they are naturally shed, they are collected, heated up to around 72C to sterilise them and delivered to us in Melbourne. From there they are cut down into different sizes before being wrapped with a label. It's as pure and simple as that.