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At WAG, we're pure of heart, intention and treat.
We want the best for all dogs.
Pure and simple.



At WAG, there’s one thing that gets us out of our (dog) bed in the morning: making wholesome doggo treats from the best quality meat. Your best mate doesn’t deserve anything second rate – as pet parents, it’s up to us to make the right choice for their health.

We create pure treats with a purer purpose: to bring doggos and owners closer together. WAG is all about creating ways to share in a healthy, active lifestyle while taking time to stop and smell the roses (and sometimes give them a ‘water’). That means activities like our ‘Doggy Day Out’ meet-ups or jumping online to share your doggo pics and ROFW (Rolling on the Floor Wagging).

And when it comes to finding new ways to treat your dog to better health, we’re leading the pack. Our team is forever sniffing out new ways to make our range and packaging as healthy for the earth as it is for doggos.

We’re committed to sharing our WAG ways with the world, helping everyone understand the importance of quality ingredients and our philosophy of ‘goodness from top to tail’.


If it's not in nature, it's not in WAG

It’s in a dog’s nature to eat one thing. That’s why we created a treat that’s nothing but meat. No fillers or additives. Grain free and doggo-owner-guilt-free. Welcome to WAG.

Healthiness is next to dogliness

Some products promise a healthy coat and that’s it. WAG is pure through and through, offering benefits for every part of your dog’s health. Like being good for the gut, helping maintain healthy hips and joints and promoting healthy teeth and gums.

We love your doggo like our own. (No room left on the bed, though).

You’re more likely to find us in the dog park than as top dog in a corporate giant. We spend more time thinking about the best ingredients for your doggo than our brand colours. We love your dog for all of the time they’re your best mate, and when they fall in love with your mate’s leg.

When it comes to health, we’re leading the pack.

Not all treat companies have been good boys. In fact, many contain bad things that won’t do your doggo any favours. We’re WAG - wholesome, natural, grain free products that do what they say on the pack.

No mongrel ingredients. Only the best.

We use the best meat sourced locally from the best butchers. Only if we sniff out a better product elsewhere do we travel far from home and source overseas. We let nothing go astray.

A wag to the Aussie flag.

We love a sunburnt country just as much as your doggo loves sunburnt jerky. That’s why we’re Aussie owned, run, sourced, packaged and made. You can taste the pride. Or rather, your doggo can. Perfect for your German Shepherd, English Bulldog or Hungarian Vizsla. Not to mention Australian Cattle Dog.