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At WAG, we are pure of heart, intention and treat. We are dedicated to giving you and your doggo the best. So if you have any questions that aren’t answered below, we want to make sure you bark up as it’s important to us to follow up any issues with our treats.


Where is this ‘treat’ made?

We’re Aussie owned, run and packaged.

Goat Horns, Jerky and Bones are some of our favourite treats, they’re sourced right here in Victoria and Queensland. Our Antlers come from our neighbours in New Zealand.

We use the best meat sourced locally from the best butchers, only if we sniff out a better product elsewhere do we travel overseas, because being 100% natural, grain free and additive free is important to us and for our doggos.

To be sure your treat of choice is Aussie made, check out each treat’s product description. You’ll find all the details in plain and simple sight.


How is the treat made/prepared?

We care as much as you do about your doggos health. All of our natural Jerkies and Bones are air dehydrated with no preservatives or additives.

Antler and Goat Horn are heated up to 72C to sterilise them and then wrapped with a label.

Take a look at Our Processes on our WAG website for more details and a peek at our warehouse.


How do I treat my dog with this treat?

Bones/Goat Horns/Antlers:

We suggest giving doggos our Bones/Goat Horns/Antlers for up to 30 minutes a day and supervised.

A dog’s saliva can break down treats into smaller pieces so just be sure to remove them if they get too small.

Bully Sticks/Moo Tubes:

We suggest giving doggos our Bully Sticks/Moo Tubes for up to 30 minutes a day and supervised.

They’re 100% meat and packed with natural goodness so it’s safe (and tasty) for your doggo to enjoy every last bite.


What size is appropriate for my dog?

We care as much as you do about your doggos health, so here are our recommendations:

Small Chews – For small dog breeds or light chewers (regardless of size)
Medium Chews – For medium sized doggos or moderate chewers (regardless of size)
Large Chews – For large dog breeds and strong chewers (regardless of size)

If your doggo meets these guidelines great! If they’re a little out of the dogbox we suggest a medium size chew to start with. Long-lasting medium chews are great for smaller dogs who are strong chewers, or larger breeds who are light chewers. Any treat that is wider than the width of your doggo’s face is also a safe bet size-wise for your dog to get chewy with.


If my dog’s favourite treat is out of stock, when will it be back in?

Sometimes some of our treats are out of stock, it’s as natural as it gets with WAG treats and naturally supply ebbs and flows. Generally, stock is back within 1 week. Anything further than that, please get in touch with us here.


I have a new puppy! What do you recommend?

We’re excited to welcome your puppy to the pack!

We recommend soft chews like Moo Tubes, Kangaroo Cubes, and Jerkies. They’re 100% meat, nice and easy on puppy teeth and easily digestible.

We know your newest family member will love our natural treats, so make sure to tag us in some pics with #getwag!


What are your recommendations for...

Skin and Coat

For healthy skin and a shiny coat, Seafood treats high in Omega fatty acids and hypoallergenic properties are the way to go.

Try our Blue Whiting and Forage Fish, they’re single ingredient and 100% tasty!

Sensitive Stomach

For sensitive tummies, lean Kangaroo is a great alternative to common proteins like Beef and Chicken.

Try our Kangaroo Liver and Kangaroo Cubes, they’re natural, hypoallergenic and 100% tasty!


For diabetic dogs, Kangaroo, Venison and Fish are great lean choices with hypoallergenic properties.

Try our Kangaroo Liver, Venison Jerky and Blue Whiting, they’re natural, hypoallergenic and 100% tasty!

Fussy Dogs

Doggos love to smell what they eat! For fussy dogs, our strong-smelling Fish treats are the way to go; common proteins like Beef and Chicken are also winners.

Try our single-ingredient Beef Jerky, Chicken Breast and Forage Fish, 100% natural so nothing fishy but the smell and taste.


Where are your products sold?

We’re sure your doggo can’t wait to try the natural WAG taste! You can find our treats online right here on our website. WAG is also stocked across many Australian pet stores. Find your closest store using our Store Locator on our website (be sure to click ‘find stores’ when you’re ready to search).


Where is my order?

We’re sure your doggo can’t wait to get their WAG! You can check the status of your order by logging into your account.

Once dispatched, you can also find your tracking number in your emails and track your order via AusPost here.


Why does my payment method not work?

On our website we offer MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, AfterPay and ZipPay as payment methods.

  • Ensure that you are selecting a payment method by clicking one of the circular icons
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Continue to payment
  • Fill in payment details
  • Once you fill in payment details you will be rerouted back to the payment page
  • Please click ‘Confirm and process’


How do I use the reward points?

Dogs are fun, easy-going animals, and so is our rewards system! Refer to our website guide on our WAG Rewards page to enjoy discounts on your next WAG purchase.


Special Order and Packing Requests

As our products are single ingredient and 100% natural, like every Goat, Deer and Roo, every Goat, Deer and Roo has its own unique shape.

Some are big,
some are small.
Some are pointy,
some are tall.
But all are grain-free, pure
and a whole lot of yummo for your doggo.

Our warehouse is open 8:30am – 4:30pm (EST) Monday-Friday so if you contact us here with your order number and request as soon as possible,. we’ll do our very best to make your treat wish come true. Note that our turn around is generally 1 business day with orders.


For any issues regarding shipping or delivery, please read through our shipping and delivery policy.


For any issues regarding returns or faulty products, please read through our returns policy.