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WAG'S EDUCATION CORNER: Basic training, fun tricks, information about looking after your new puppy and more!!

WAG'S EDUCATION CORNER: Basic training, fun tricks, information about looking after your new puppy and more!!


As you've seen by now, WAG has had a makeover! Along with our makeover, we've also stopped selling a couple of products. So, if you're wondering why there's no rawhide and no biscuits available, let us tell you why!



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There is nothing like the bond between a dog and its owner. Dogs have evolved to be attuned to humans and are able to understand the commands we tell them and interpret the tone of our voice. They can sense when you’re happy and know when to snuggle up to you when ...

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Socialising your dog is key to providing them with a happy, stress free life. As dog owners, it is important that we help our fur babies learn how to respond to new people, animals and environments. This practice will encourage them to approach new situations, such as a ...

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As dog owners, it is super important for us to be in touch with potential allergies that our babies could suffer from. Just like humans, dogs can have allergies that are food, environmental or contact based. Because they are unable to speak to us and tell us when they are feeling allergy symptoms, it is important to be even more perceptive than we would otherwise. In this month’s post, we’re going to be looking at 3 common dog allergies and an array of natural treats and home rem...

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Not exercising does more harm than you know...

People often say that dogs are like humans and this is true in many aspects of our lifestyle. From the benefits of a healthy diet to the benefits of socialisation to the benefits of exercise! Owner/Doggy exercise help to strengthen your bond, keep you both active, ward away illness and keep you feeling both healthy and wonderful! As doggy owners, we know that our fur baby is one of a kind – so it’...</p>
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WAG's Guide To Natural vs. Processed Food

Like humans, dogs are what they eat. They rely on the good nutrition from what they eat to contribute to a healthy lifestyle – along with exercise, sleep and love! Good nutrition helps with their insides and outsides. Our fur babies are not rational so it is up to us to make correct diet decisions for them.

Dogs are inherently meat-eaters and it is only with their domestication that wheat, grains, corn, soy and rice have been introduced into their diet. Even though dogs are very adap...

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With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about ways to get our fur babies prepared for the cold weather!

Different breeds have different needs when it comes to cold conditions but WAG’s top 5 tips should hopefully keep any pup warm and safe through the winter!

Some breeds are built for the cold weather including winter breeds such as Samoyeds or Huskies, but there are some smaller breed pups or pups that have short coats that...</p>
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