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Follow us through the streets of Melbourne for the month of March as we highlight the amazing lives of people and their dogs. Read through some of our featured stories, or get the full bath, day-by-day, on our Instagram


Meet Nova.
“This is Nova. He first came into the shop about six weeks ago. He was sitting in a little shoebox with a teddy and everyone fell in love with him.”

Meet Nanook.

"Nanook (@nanookcuddlepup) is the kindest dog you could imagine. He’s super gentle. He’s my best friend."


Meet Rolex.

“Rolex is a Pomeranian. He has an Instagram (@rolexofchapel). Rolex was actually a gift to my sister for her birthday and imported him from Russia. We were living in Dubai at the time, my sister had to move to London for work so Oliver and I adopted him. He’s global! Every night at about 7.30pm he goes and sits in front of the window and looks at his reflection. We call that his reflection time. We think he’s pondering the things he’s done during the day.”


Meet Quintos and Lukas.

"A funny story is when Luke had never seen a lake before, spotted a whole lot of ducks. He didn’t realise it was water and flew straight into Albert Park Lake only to realise he was almost drowning under the seaweed. Then Quin, who does everything his brother does, did exactly the same thing. So I had two very wet, very heavy poodles."


Meet Sam.

"Sam is a Golden Retriever, he’s 10. He just loves everybody."


Meet more Dogs of Melbourne:  #dogsofmelbourne

Photographer: Rozanna Nazar, @rozs_day


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