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Doggos share 86% of our DNA but to us, they’re 100% human. We give them human names, clothes, their own cafes and social media accounts. Just like humans, our four-legged friends like a treat, and it’s up to us to make the best choice for their health. Traditionally, treats and health haven’t been the best of pals. As a dog devotee of many years (224 in dog years) Jeremy Goldman wanted a more natural, wholesome treat for his best mate. He followed his instincts against the pack mentality of mass produced dog treats to create a product where taste wasn’t at the expense of health.

Enter WAG. A different breed of treat giving dog owners peace of mind and doggos nothing but a piece of quality meat in the form of a grain free, additive free, natural treat. In fact, we’ve got beef with any ingredient that’s not 100% natural. When you treat your pup to WAG, you’re treating them and their health with wholesome single-ingredient goodness. Doggos all over the world agree, WAG is a treat that’s not just worth waiting for, it’s worth wagging for.


So many people ask us what it’s like to work at WAG. Well it’s kinda like being an all-in-one Willy Wonka, Captain Planet, Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy. We’re like creative kids on too much sugar – but not, ‘cause our mindset is all-natural and the treats we give your dogs are great for their overall dental health. Sustainability and social-consciousness are our moral compass while we sniff out new and exciting ways to treat your dogs in this head-out-the-window, tongue-flapping thing we call life. Also, we all have dogs, love dogs and talk dogs, so, it’s pretty great.